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WebFTP : About itp.webtransfer

itp.webtransfer is a service which allows large files to be exchanged between users in the internet and the intranet.

The service behaves differently according to According to the status of the sender, the system uses a transfer matrix to make one of the following choices. After an upload has succeeded, the sender will receive a notification of this, and the addressee will receive a link from where the data can be downloaded.

For security reasons, all data including times will be logged. The data will be analysed to detect any misuse. Misuse will be punished and the logged data can be used as evidence.

Third-party licenses

In a few months' time, the service WebFTP will be replaced by the new ad hoc MFTS (Managed File Transfer Service) service.

Until the new service is delivered, WebFTP will still be available. If you have any questions, you can contact the product management [Produktmanagement@bit.admin.ch] directly.

Thank you for your understanding.